Sergio Momo founded the Italian luxury brand Xerjoff in 2003, offering distinctive fragrances made from the finest ingredients in exquisite perfume packaging.

In our fragrance base, we have 167 perfumes by designer Xerjoff. The first edition was published in 2007, and the most recent is from 2023. Chris Maurice, Jacques Flori, Miroslav Petkov, Angeline Poubeau Leporine, Christian Carbonnel, Laura Santander, and Mathieu Nardin collaborated on Xerjoff fragrances.

I usually don’t brag about a brand unless other industry titans highly regard it. Sergio Momo’s luxury Italian fragrance house “Xerjoff,” founded in 2006, is one of the few niche fragrance houses that I genuinely believe has something special about them, not only in their scents but also in their excellent perfume packaging. Sergio Momo founded the brand in order to combine the most luxurious materials to complement affluent global lifestyles through a blend of old-world craftsmanship, rare raw materials, and a contemporary artistic sensibility.

Xerjoff’s commitment to using the finest ingredients and their dedication to craftsmanship have earned them a reputation for creating truly unique and luxurious fragrances. With each scent, they strive to evoke emotions and create a sensory experience that is unparalleled in the industry. This attention to detail and passion for their craft sets Xerjoff perfume company apart from other fragrance houses, making them a favorite among discerning perfume enthusiasts worldwide

Spring Favorite: Xerjoff Fatal Charm

Xerjoff Fatal Charm

Let’s begin with my springtime favorite perfume. Xerjoff has a wide range of powdery florals, and I have several favorites. But I must mention “Fatal Charm,” which is both charming and delightful scent. This is a bouquet of buttery orris, powdery florals, fresh aldehydes, and feather-like soft vanilla.

Because of the opening notes of uncluttered aldehydes and satin-finished creamy white florals, the ultra-feminine composition leaves the most beautiful sheen on your skin. Soon after, the unwrinkled powdery veil of orris butter is released, accompanied by the lustrous tobacco blossom, which adds a twisted charm of semi-spicy, honeyed nuance.

On your skin, the Xerjoff fragrance becomes more vanilla and powdery, and someone who enjoys powdery florals for spring couldn’t have made a better choice than Fatal Charm. Its projection and longevity are out of this world. It is, without a doubt, one of the longest-lasting Xerjoffs I’ve tried.

Orris root, aldehydes, powdery notes, floral notes, ambergris, and tobacco blossom are the keynotes.

Xerjoff Accento Overdose & Pikoyava Dama: For an Invigorating Summer

Xerjoff Accento Overdose
Pikoyava Dama perfume

Summer needs something uplifting, a mood booster that is sparkly and lively. It’s a season everyone looks forward to and the most joyous of them all. For summer, I love my exotic floral scents with a bit of a fruity touch and lots of aldehydes with a powdery hint. “Accento Overdose” and “Pikoyava Dama” are two of my summer essential perfumes that are irreplaceable and impeccable. 

“Accento Overdose” starts with an absolutely decadent fruity notes and builds an emotional underpinning as a preamble to the most exotic entry of Jasmine Sambac and Aldehydes, which exudes nothing but an unconditional grace with luminosity and green facets. The Lily of the Valley adds a charismatic dimension in conjunction with a pop of Rose on the bed of a fresh, highly saturated aromatic tincture of Eucalyptus and coumarin green balsamic Pine. As the name suggests, the scent is an overdose of elegance and beauty.

Key Notes: Fruity notes, Aldehydes, Green notes, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine sambac, Eucalyptus, and Pine

Xerjoff Ivory Route: An Autumn Must-Have

Xerjoff Ivory Route

We have now entered the most vibrant and lovely season. Autumn’s atmosphere and breeze are said to have unspoken healing powers. On a gloomy, cold autumn afternoon, you take a walk through the crunchy leaves, hike through the woods accompanied only by the growling slosh of the creeks, or simply sit in solitude in a park as you sip your hot coffee. Every street corner resembles a painting.

No other fragrance is more appropriate for autumn than “Ivory Route,” and I feel like my words cannot do this spicy, vanillic, and woody patchouli scent justice. To truly appreciate the complexity of this composition, one must first experience its aroma. This is an absolutely stunning, seasoned patchouli with an exceptionally nuanced character. Patchouli has a warm aroma with a hint of freshness. Spicy notes in perfumery can be tricky, but in the case of Ivory Route, I can only say one word about the spices: “decadent.” All I can say is try the Ivory route this fall and see if it tickles your fancy.

Patchouli, spices, and woody notes are the main notes.

Xerjoff Starlight and Alexandria III: To Keep You Warm This Winter

Xerjoff Starlight
Xerjoff Alexandria III 50ml Parfum - Plethora

Winter can be bitterly cold, but it does provide some warmth. It’s the season for fun, family, spirituality, and celebration. I wanted to include at least one gourmand category in this article, and what season is better than winter to wear your sweetest perfumes? I enjoy the cardamom note, but finding a dominant cardamom scene that feels and smells realistic is rare. Xerjoff has a number of cardamom-forward scents, but the one that stood out to me the most was “Starlight,” and what a delightful cardamom scent it is!

Because of the rose’s inherent powderiness, the Alexandria III fragrance leans powdery. A seductive, voluminous, and mind-boggling oriental and woody sensation then follows the scent. If you want to go with anything from Xerjoff, this is your winter date-night rosy oud.

Rose, lavender, cedar, palisander rosewood, Laotian oud, Thai oud, vanilla, sandalwood, and amber are the main notes.


Sergio Momo, born 47 years ago in Turin, Italy, traveled the world at a young age, following his father to all of his international work locations. Sergio moved to the UK after finishing art and design school in Turin to work with prestigious London design agencies in various forms of media and advertising. Soon after, his love for his native Italy drew him back to pursue one of his greatest passions, the world of luxury perfumes. Sergio founded the perfume house of XERJOFF in 2004 with Dominique Salvo, Xerjoff’s research and development director, as a result of a natural attraction to beauty and an interest in the world of luxury. Recognizing that the best way to a perfume lover’s heart is to keep the promise.

Recognizing that the best way to a perfume lover’s heart is to fulfill the promise of beauty from start to finish of the scented story, Sergio set out to create intense emotions based on multi-sensory aspects such as the story, the look, the touch, the smell, and the memories, never settling for “just fragrances.”

Sergio’s creations have the authentic DNA of continuous research, both in olfactory and design directions. XERJOFF’s creations are appreciated and collected by perfume lovers all over the world thanks to a tireless team of 25 professionals.

Sergio Momo

“It’s never just about the smell with a fine fragrance.” It is a marriage of substance and the sublime when done well, as fragrance house Xerjoff has done with their philosophy that you cannot separate the two.

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