when does Red-color perfumes is wearable? Red color has been my favorite color since I was a small child, and even though I don’t wear it often, it is always special to me. Red is the color of energy and passion; it propels you forward and causes positive outcomes.

When the holidays approach, I can’t stop myself from wearing red. It’s almost become a tradition for me to write about red fragrances that have enriched the year that is almost over. Red is the color of love; it is our blood, our passion, and our desire. My favorite handbags are red. I adore red roses and red gladiolus, and some of my perfume bottles are also this enticing color.

This year, many brands decided that the most popular color was a particular shade of pink. Paco Rabanne used it for their latest Pure XS For Her, and many other brands did as well, whether for the color of the flacons, juices, or outer packaging. I’m sure no one expected to see many red flacons this year, but Chanel was one of the few houses that gave red a chance, albeit in limited quantities.

Among the red-dressed newcomers for 2018, Bond No 9 New Bond St stands out because the house’s founder, Laurice Rahmé, has a keen sense of fashion trends. (She chose a leopard motif, which is a famous fall and winter trend.) The appearance of the flacon perfectly describes the wild gourmand composition inside a genuinely passionate, dark red, creamy, and nutty gourmand bomb!

black xs perfume

Issey Miyake Le Feu d’Issey, which looks like a red fireball and has a composition that was way ahead of its time, was one of my favorite red perfumes of all time. It’s like a 90s niche perfume: a great, red fragrance with exploding peppery, dry, woody-gourmand features, so sexy and with a strong personality. It’s one that shifts from “come play with me” to “don’t play with me.”

Casamorati’s Bouquet Ideale is another true red love, depicting rich red colors on canvas. It’s a bouquet without flowers, creamy woods wrapped in a hug of sweet cinnamon and vanilla.

Another fragrance that I believe entirely reflects a red, passionate character, both in its red bottle and in its composition, is the rosy masterpiece Nishane Zenne, which is so vivid, bright, and spicy that it could withstand and outlast all of the world’s wild winds and winters. It’s like a passionate red flag.

Some of the new perfume editions are dressed in red to reflect their fiery composition, while others are dressed simply to draw attention. The scarlet-like composition of Narciso Rouge perfectly reflects the brightness of red shown on its flacon. In contrast, the deep, honeyed roses I adored in Kajal’s Joorie have a burgundy red, velvety nuance.


Rock’n’Rouge is a limited edition designed specifically for Jovoy Paris, so if you’re planning a trip to Paris, “the stage is set for irresistibility,” according to the brand. It’s an oriental-flowery fragrance with sensual notes of a flower bouquet (jasmine and orchids), creamy gourmand aromas of almonds and spices, and resins and musks to warm it up. The House of Oud Rock’n’Rouge Limited Edition is a 75 ml Eau de Parfum that costs 220 EUR.


Spirito Fiorentino is one of Tiziana Terenzi’s most recent perfume creations, and the second edition comes in a red flacon. (The first was Porpora.) The fragrance has a smoky character that reminds me of a smoke grenade. The fragrance’s pyro-effect surrounds juicy red roses in its core, sharpened with fiery spices and creating unique and addictive aromas and a vast aura. The fragrance leaves a dry, spicy-woody scent in its wake.

Spirito Fiorentino comes in a 100 ml Eau de Parfum bottle.



Widian Hili (whose bottle combines red and black in a trendy ombré style) reflects the solid and seductive character of tuberose and tiaré flowers bathed in exotic coconut milk and enriched with sharp and dynamic notes of pink pepper, which transforms the illusion of a white floral bouquet into a red and dynamic one.

The oriental, exotic, flowery, and spicy blend has a juiciness and candy sweetness that has an excellent and seductive effect, creating a mood for celebration. The fragrance is available in a 50 ml Parfum size.


Even Versace goes red after not presenting anything in this color for a long time. I recall their excellent red edition Versus Donna from 1992, which is a tremendous oriental-fruity fragrance accentuated by sweet red fruits (raspberries) and spicy vanilla. Let’s not forget Red Jeans from 1994. Versace’s latest release, Versace Eros Flame, is aimed squarely at men. The new fragrance is brighter and more vivid than the original Eros, and it has a fiery touch thanks to peppery notes and oranges.

Eros Flame will be available in 30, 50, 100, and 200 ml Eaux de Toilette bottles, as well as aromatic body care products, at the end of October or the beginning of November (just in time for the holidays). For the upcoming holidays, holiday gift sets are also being prepared.

Eros Flame Perfume


As previously stated, Bond No 9 released several red bottles for New Bond St, one of the brand’s most recent releases. (Read about all of their new products in this Cannes article.) This gourmand, nutty, and dense oriental is available in Harrods as a 50 ml Eau de Parfum for 250 pounds and a 100 ml Eau de Parfum for 330 pounds. Prices range from $280 to $405 at Saks Fifth Avenue or the official Bond No9 store.

Bond No 9 offers two types of Swarovski flacons in addition to the standard star-shaped flacon decorated with the trendy leopard pattern. The New Bond St Swarovski Limited Edition costs $480 at Saks Fifth Avenue or 460 pounds at Harrods. At the same time, the New Bond St Swarovski Bejeweled Limited Edition (also available at Saks Fifth Avenue) costs $1000 in 100 ml Eau de Parfum. Both are adorned with gleaming Swarovski crystals.



Diana Vreeland’s newest fragrance features the same fashionable combination of the leopard pattern and the color red. Red roses take the lead in Empress of Fashion, which is spiced up with red peppery notes and saffron and deepened with dark, juicy currants. The fragrance is available in Eaux de Parfum sizes of 50 and 100 ml.



Citruses dressed in red, that’s what Jo Malone’s newest release for her Jo Loves line is all about. According to Jo, the newest fragrance is a masculine cologne type that she created herself. “Over the last 25 years, I’ve created fragrances for a variety of reasons, but this one I created for myself,” she explained when introducing Jo by Jo Loves.

The fragrance Jo by Jo Loves is available in two sizes, 50 ml for 70 pounds and 100 ml for 110 pounds, on the brand’s official website, joloves.com.


Karlie Kloss is the face of the collector’s edition of Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl Velvet Fatale. It’s the same fragrance as the pillar Good Girl edition, just in red velvet. It’s a trendy gourmand (with almonds, cacao, vanilla, praline, and tonka beans) that’s well-made.

Despite the fact that the fragrance was released in May 2018 as an 80 ml Eau de Parfum and is available for $122 at Macy’s or Nordstrom, Karlie is perfectly dressed for the upcoming holidays in a sexy red dress. We are, too!

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