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Chance Eau Tendre highlights:

Chanel’s Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Parfum is a fruity floral scent for women. In 2019, Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Parfum was introduced. Olivier Polge is the nose behind this fragrance. Quince and grapefruit are the top notes, Rose and Jasmine are the middle notes, and White Musk is the base note.

  • Flowery, Fruity, Fresh, Citrus, Sweet.
  • Fragrant Family: Rose, Grapefruit, Citrus, Jasmine absolute, Quince.

Chance Eau Tendre reviews:

Chanel‘s fruity bites inside a vast fragrant and smooth flower meadow…

I’ve always had a thing for CHANEL scents, and I’m sure I always will. They are manufactured with outstanding technical competence and high-quality materials, and each one perfumes something unique to the brand from which they come. They are commercial, to be sure, but that doesn’t imply they lack interest or integrity.

  • CHANEL is an excellent brand because it is wearing, gorgeous, and consistent.


CHANEL has released an Eau de Parfum version of EAU TENDRE, which they describe as an “intensified whirlwind of femininity.” I’m not sure about you, but I always enjoy my femininity served in a heightened whirlwind!
I’d use the term ‘joyful‘ to describe the opening of this Eau de Parfum concentration of CHANCE EAU TENDRE. The dazzling fountain of fruits that explodes out of the bottle as one presses the sprayer is so alive and joyful. This lovely fruity floral boasts the juiciness of quince and grapefruit, as well as the soft sweetness of red berries, all delivered in delicate fizz with a dewy, soft strawberry note.

Chance Eau Tendre Chanel note


Chance Eau Tendre is a well-designed perfume attempting to recreate the heavenly smell of a floral scent in its appearance. The Eau Tendre bottle is a round-shining glass that has “Eau Tendre” at the very bottom and “Chance Chanel” in the middle. The bottle is flawlessly round and clear, with a frosted square cover. As basic as it could get, the well-known bottle gained so much popularity over time that several perfume houses duplicated it.
Fans of the brand are familiar with the Chance by Chanel fragrance. I recall the brand’s initial release back in 2002—many, many moons ago. Back then, the round bottle was regarded as highly revolutionary. It was a game-changer in the perfume industry.

The Chance by Chanel fragrance quickly became a staple in many people’s collections, thanks to its unique blend of floral and fruity notes. Its popularity soared as it became synonymous with elegance and sophistication. Even today, the iconic round bottle continues to captivate perfume enthusiasts and remains a symbol of timeless beauty.

What Online Magazines Say About Chance Eau Tendre:

Online MagazinesGenderPriceLongevitySillagePopularitySeasonOverall Impression
Fragrantica Women Overpriced Moderate Moderate – Summer and Spring  4.12/ 5
Parfumo Women Fair Moderate Moderate Popular Spring/ Summer 8.1/ 10
Fragrancex Women 139.61 $ for 3x 0.7 OZ +10 Hours – Popular – –
Osmoz Woman – – – – – 4/ 5
Best men’s colognes – – – – – – –
Decantx – –  – – – – –
Wikiscents Women – Strong Moderate – Spring/ Summer/ Fall 8
WikiParfum Woman Expensive – Tender – – –


Top notes include Quince and Grapefruit.

Hyacinth and Jasmine in the middle.

Musk, iris, Virginia cedar, and amber form the base.

I believe that the word “joyful” would best describe the opening of this CHANCE EAU TENDRE Eau de Parfum concentration. When one presses the sprayer, a sparkling fountain of fruits explodes out of the bottle, exuding a carefree and lively aura. This delightful fruity floral has a dewy, fleshy strawberry note that gives it a bright, youthful feel. It also has the soft sweetness of red berries and the juiciness of quince and grapefruit, all served in a delicate fizz.

All jasmine in the center, this white flower feels more Consistent than a single bloom, in true CHANEL fashion. The flowers at the center of This CHANCE Perfume smell hot and waxy to me, and they have a light intensity that makes me think of a silk garment billowing in a summer breeze. Rose is also present, but only in little amounts—just a drop and enough to change the heart’s pristine white color to a soft pink blush—along with a hint of sweetness to connect the heart’s breezy flowers and the opening’s rich fruitiness with shimmering dew.

EAU TENDRE EAU DE PARFUM is a modern-day CHANEL classic with a strong musk note, particularly in the base. The fragrance settles on a floral–musk base that is incredibly smooth, warm, and soft after the bright splash of fruit fades into the ether, and the intensity of the jasmine fades. Everything about it seems flawless, and its elegance almost seems at odds with its carefree attitude. It’s an unexpected turn of events, which is actually precisely what makes this EDP so satisfying and enjoyable.

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre price


he floral center of Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Parfum swiftly counteracts the scent’s unexpectedly crisp citrus introduction. I can smell the jasmine and citrus tones as soon as I spritz the perfume on my skin. After half an hour, the scent begins to mellow, and I detect notes of rose and white musk.
Chance Eau Tendre’s edp. blossoms exquisitely all day long. It’s not overly floral, sweet, or lemony. Because of the notes’ excellent balance and blending, the aroma is highly distinctive and challenging to explain. Compared to the Eau de Toilette version, it has greater depth.

Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Parfum lasts for a solid ten hours on my skin. When I first sprayed the fragrance on my wrist, I was really impressed, and I could smell the nice scent all day.

Chance Eau Tendre’s edp has a dry down that is both flowery and fresh. The scent is elegant and fascinating due to its zesty note and the blend of white flowers and roses. Sadly, Chanel has not specified every note in the scent. I don’t want to assume anything or mislead you, but I have a good feeling that there are still additional notes. I smell rose, jasmine, and grapefruit as the perfume’s main notes most of the time.

  • LENGTH: 8-10 HOURS

Where and When?

see a twentysomething young woman wearing this fragrance. Whether you’re heading to class or running errands, it’s ideal for casual wear. For a romantic evening or a night out with the girls, the fragrance is also fantastic. However, because it’s very airy and romantic, I wouldn’t advise wearing it to a formal event.

Due of its light and refreshing nature, I believe that summer is the ideal season to wear Chance Eau Tendre. It has a light floral aroma that is ideal for summertime, and it is sweet but not overly sweet. Because the aroma doesn’t linger as long as I would like, I usually spray it a little more than other perfumes.
The fragrance’s longevity may not be as strong as some other perfumes, but its delicate and refreshing scent makes it perfect for everyday wear during the summer months. Additionally, the bottle design is elegant and feminine, adding a touch of sophistication to any vanity or dressing table.

  • SEASONS: Warm seasons, mostly on Summer and spring.
  • OCCASIONS: Leisure, Daily activities, and Business meetings.
  • ATTIRE: Formal, Business, Date out, Smart Casual, Special Occasions.
Chanel Chance Eau Tendre price


Masque’s L’Attesa is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women and men. This is a brand-new scent. L’Attesa debuted in 2016. Luca Maffei is the nose behind this fragrance. Bergamot, neroli, and champagne are the top notes; iris, orris root, tuberose, and ylang-ylang are the middle notes; sandalwood, oakmoss, and leather are the base notes.

It’s probably one of the greatest fragrances presented by Masque Milano perfume company I have tested recurrently. The Sillage and Projection is more than great regarding its size and price in a way you can not believe it. Having the delicate floral, woody and musk notes in three different phases, which does not weaken the Silage power anyhow, L’attesa stated its name among other competitors by being wearable on any occasion and temporal specificity.

Purchase samples of L’attesa Masque Milano EdP 35ml online for 128.00 €.
Masque Milano is a well-known Eau de Parfum.
Chanel Chance Eau Tendre review

Know Chance Eau Tendre:

Price value


Creamy tones of amber and sandalwood
A rich and delicate scent
Niche scent perception
An elegant and distinct aroma
Gorgeous and feminine
Ideal for warm climates or tropical areas
A harmonious combination of citrus, floral, wood, and amber notes
Enduring presence


For some, the amount of woody tones could be too much
lacks nuance and growth
For some, sandalwood is overwhelming
Somewhat headache-inducing
Some find the combination of sweetness and sourness unpleasant
For some, too sweet
Bitter tones of citrus
Leans either less feminine or more masculine

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