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Baccarat Rouge 540 highlights:

A popular fragrance for both men and women, Baccarat Rouge 540 (Eau de Parfum) by Maison Francis Kurkdjian was introduced in 2016. It smells nice and woodsy. Both longevity and projection are above average. LVMH is the company marketing it. It is a high-end fragrance that is well known for its unique blend of woody and floral notes.

Baccarat Rouge 540 has gained a cult following due to its captivating scent, which combines the richness of Amberwood with the delicacy of jasmine. The fragrance exudes sophistication and elegance, making it a favorite choice for special occasions or those who appreciate luxurious scents.

  • Sweet, Spicy, synthetic, Woody, Floral.
  • Fragrant Family: Spicy, Ambergris, Floral, Woody, Fruity.

Baccarat Rouge 540 reviews:

Here we will put our pre-judgments aside and discuss Baccarat Rouge 540 extensively

Trying out a new scent is a dangerous business. Not only is it an expensive investment, but what smells lovely on your wrist in-store may cause a headache hours later or grow into a completely different aroma.

As a result, I tend to stick to tried-and-true scents, but with all the buzz surrounding Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Baccarat Rouge 540 perfume recently, I threw caution to the wind and gave it a whirl for an entire week—and honest to God, I’ve never received so much attention in my life.
One spray of Baccarat Rouge reveals an overall sweet sense, somewhat comparable to a gourmand, owing to the syrupy ambergris twist. It’s a pleasant, multi-layered perfume that envelops you like a genuine, aromatic embrace from an old, loving friend (not a false air-kiss hug).
Baccarat Rouge is not for the faint of heart—this scent is powerful, full-bodied, and downright decadent. It will declare its presence without saying anything, and I can’t think of a better perfume for exuding confidence or strength. TikTok users have described Baccarat Rouge 540 as “money” and “rich mom-approved,” and it’s all true—it feels and smells luxurious.

Baccarat Rouge 540 review


his came in a regular white cardboard box, and once opened, you receive another hard case box that allows you to pull out the part where the perfume is located. The outside package is exquisite, but it strikes a good mix between ‘bling‘ and subtle elegance.
To begin with, the bottle itself is a heavyweight glass bottle that feels good in the palm. It also has a hefty gold cap with the emblem stamped on top. The spritzer is decent; it doesn’t discharge the perfume so light and fine that you’re not sure whether anything comes out, nor does it strike your skin like a jetwash.

Everything is designed with meticulous attention to detail in a very thoughtful French style. Nothing screams “over-the-top extravagant” in a positive way. The overall design exudes a sense of sophistication and refinement, making it a perfect addition to any vanity or dressing table. The choice of materials and the delicate balance between simplicity and luxury truly showcase the brand’s commitment to timeless beauty.

What Online Magazines Say About Baccarat Rouge 540:

Online MagazinesGenderPriceLongevitySillagePopularitySeasonOverall Impression
Fragrantica Women and Men Overpriced Longlasting Strong Trendy Spring, Fall, Winter  3.91/ 5
Parfumo Women and Men Fair Longlasting Strong Popular Spring, Fall, Winter 7.9/ 10
Fragrancex Women and Men 345.98 $ for 2.4 OZ – – Popular – –
Osmoz Mixed – – – Popular – 1/ 5
Best men’s colognes Unisex Expensive Up to 12 Hours Above Average Popular Autumn and Winter Good
Decantx Women and Men 12.79 $ for 2 ml  – – – Spring, Fall, Winter –
Wikiscents Unisex – Strong Moderate Strong Popular Every Season 3
WikiParfum – – – – – – –


Top notes include jasmine, orange, marigold and saffron.

Ambroxan, evernyl, ambergris in the middle.

Sandalwood Mysore, Amber, Atlas cedar, Virginia cedar, and Bourbon vanilla, Oakmoss, and Vetiver form the base.

The complex, warm, and slightly sweet scent of Baccarat Rouge 540 perfume is what makes it unique from other fragrances. Ambergris, cedarwood, saffron, and jasmine are among the notes found in Baccart Rouge.
Funny, because aside from the jasmine plant itself, I detest all jasmine scents. I have never used a candle up so quickly as I did when I received one with a jasmine scent. It’s terrible, but goodbye. Thus, I implore you to at least try it if any of these smells bother you.
Additionally, don’t merely sniff the bottle. One day in Saks, I made my friends do this to demonstrate to them the indulgence I was unable to defend and that I needed their moral support to make. Each of them said, “I don’t get it.” However, they now ask me, “Oh, are you wearing that Paris perfume?” as soon as I get in their car when I wear it around them. Indeed, I am.

Baccarat Rouge 540 price


genuinely enjoy it, and contrary to what some of you thought, I don’t regret my blind purchase. Although I understand that blind buying isn’t for everyone, I find it to be the most thrilling aspect of purchasing a scent, and I will definitely do it again. It has excellent projection and a wonderful scent. On the first day I wore it, I received a few compliments. Arianna Grande Cloud is an excellent option if you’re searching for a cheap dupe. Her profile is somewhat close to Baccarat Rouge’s, but it doesn’t have the same lasting strength or projection.
There’s one drawback I want to bring out. Once more, it has excellent projection and a lovely scent. A gourmet and lovely smell. It smells sweet and fruity, like fruit chews, but it’s also sensual and mature—not at all how some people say it’s medicinal.
My only concern is that I SMELL that much with my nose. After doing some investigation, I discovered that Baccarat frequently has this issue. I literally had to raise my arm to my nose and my head to my chest in order to smell it at first. However, I do detect very faint whiffs of it throughout the day. Overspraying becomes problematic when one is nose blind.


Where and When?

ess is more when it comes to perfume wearability, as is the case with most solid and potent scents. Additionally, one spritz of Baccarat Rouge will definitely do the trick and last the entire day. Even if you drink it every day, one bottle should last you for a while. Consider the cost per spritz if you’re unsure about the costly indulgence.
A fragrance that is elegant, sophisticated, and appropriate for many settings is the Baccarat Rouge 540. The following occasions are some ideas of when you might want to wear Baccarat Rouge 540:

official events
This scent is sophisticated and elegant, making it ideal for formal occasions like weddings.

Romantic moments
Baccarat Rouge 540’s blend of spicy and sweet notes makes it a fantastic option for romantic occasions.

Meetings for business
Because of its sophisticated and refined qualities, this fragrance is a good fit for formal business meetings.

Evening out:
An elegant and sophisticated scent that’s ideal for a night out on the town is Baccarat Rouge 540.

  • SEASONS: Any season, mostly on fall and spring.
  • OCCASIONS: Leisure, Night Out, and Business meetings.
  • ATTIRE: Formal, Business, Date Night, Smart Casual, Special Occasions.
Baccarat Rouge 540 price


Masque’s L’Attesa is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women and men. This is a brand-new scent. L’Attesa debuted in 2016. Luca Maffei is the nose behind this fragrance. Bergamot, neroli, and champagne are the top notes; iris, orris root, tuberose, and ylang-ylang are the middle notes; sandalwood, oakmoss, and leather are the base notes.

It’s probably one of the greatest fragrances presented by Masque Milano perfume company I have tested recurrently. The Sillage and Projection is more than great regarding its size and price in a way you can not believe it. Having the delicate floral, woody and musk notes in three different phases, which does not weaken the Silage power anyhow, L’attesa stated its name among other competitors by being wearable on any occasion and temporal specificity.

Purchase samples of L’attesa Masque Milano EdP 35ml online for 128.00 €.
Masque Milano is a well-known Eau de Parfum.
540 Baccarat Rouge note

Know Baccarat Rouge 540:

Price value


An aroma that is distinct and sticks in your mind
Ideal for creating a statement and for important events
Scent is complex, with undertones of salt, metal, and sweetness
Perfect for seasons with cold temperatures
A modern fragrance masterpiece that is unparalleled
premium components and recipe for makeup
Perfume that is appropriate for both sexes
Thrilling and causes stomach butterflies


For some customers, an expensive price point might not be justified
For some, it might not live up to the hype
There have been conflicting opinions on the fragrance profile; some find it appealing, while others find it unpleasant
Not appropriate for every person’s skin chemistry
Some people find the smell of iodine to be sickening and unnerving
It is not recommended for warm weather seasons since it might intensify an icy or cloying sweetness
Artificial sweetness akin to that of cough syrup or sugar-free gum
May cause some people to have negative recollections or associations

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