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001 Woman highlights:

For ladies, Loewe 001 Woman is an amber floral scent. In 2016, Loewe 001 Woman made its debut. Emilio Valeros is the nose behind this fragrance. Italian tangerine, pink pepper, and bergamot are the top notes; Egyptian jasmine, sandalwood, and linen are the middle notes; vanilla, amber, and musk are the foundation notes.

  • Flowery, Woody, Creamy, Sweet, Fruity.
  • Fragrant Family: Fuity, Creamy, Amber, Sandalwood, Floral.

001 Woman reviews:

Feminine, Perfect, and Woody Perfume of this year. Try Loewe top fragrant line.

Late August 2016 saw the release of the brand-new, enticing Loewe 001 Woman and Loewe 001 Man duo. The perfumes are described as “deep, tender, and appealing,” “reinterpreting the scent of a skin caress.”

Bright, dazzling citrus notes of Italian bergamot, Calabria tangerine, and pink pepper greet you as soon as you smell Loewe 001 Woman. Its contemporary core is infused with a blend of sandalwood, linen, and narcotic Egyptian jasmine. It is described as “the morning after” smell—warm, flowery, and fresh. Gourmand vanilla complements the special amber molecule “Ambar 001” in the base.
50, 100, and thirty milliliter bottles of 001 woman are available at the stores right now.

001 Woman Loewe note


he container for Loewe 001 Woman is a transparent, rectangular bottle with a simple label. The “4 L” Loewe emblem is imprinted on the wooden cap, which gives the sleek, contemporary packaging a polished appearance.

The bottle’s transparency allows the vibrant pink hue of the fragrance to shine through, enhancing its visual appeal. Additionally, the wooden cap adds a touch of warmth and natural elegance to the overall design, perfectly complementing the modern aesthetic of Loewe 001 Woman.
The perfume of 001 Woman feels like a modern niche fragrance, despite the packaging and images reminding me of the 1990s with its clean lines, well-groomed simplicity, and black-and-white photography (remember Calvin Klein Eternity or Banana Republic’s “M” and “W” fragrances?).

What Online Magazines Say About 001 Woman:

Online MagazinesGenderPriceLongevitySillagePopularitySeasonOverall Impression
Fragrantica Women OK Moderate Moderate Popular Spring, Fall, Winter  3.88/ 5
Parfumo Female Fair Moderate Lasting Moderate – Every Season 7.2/ 10
Fragrancex Women 99.79 $ for 3.4 OZ – – Popular – 4.7
Osmoz – – – – – – –
Best men’s colognes – – – – – – –
Decantx – – – – – – –
Wikiscents – – – – – – –
WikiParfum Women Fair – – – – –


Top notes include Italian tangerine, pink pepper, and bergamot.
Sandalwood, Egyptian jasmine, and linen in the middle.
Vanilla, amber, musk form the base.

The fragrance itself has the vibe of a modern niche scent. As promised, it greets the wearer with bergamot and a hint of pepper; it then toes the line between soapy jasmine and linear synthetic sandalwood with subdued notes of resins and musk. Similar to the 001 Woman visuals, it is simplified and tidied up. It’s essentially a citrus-woody combination that doesn’t feel very “womanly.” (With the volume down and the edges sanded away, it sounds a little bit like Raw Spirit Wild Fire.)
The same bergamot used in 001 Man is used at first, but baie rose is added in 001 Woman to give it more personality. After that, this is set atop a giant jasmine bubble. Sr. Valeros uses jasmine that has been cleaned up and has had the indoles subdued, which need to be turned up if you want to really create a “morning after” vibe. This is a light-colored jasmine. After that, it develops into a delightfully complex blend of amber, vanilla, and sandalwood.


Feminine, Smooth, and Sensual.

Loewe 001 Woman price


Promises to meet the wearer with bergamot and a hint of pepper; 001 WOMAN FRAGRANCE then toes the line between soapy jasmine and linear synthetic sandalwood with subdued notes of musk and resins. Loewe 001 woman simplified and tidied up. It’s essentially a citrus-woody combination that doesn’t feel very “womanly.” (With the level down and the edges sanded away, it sounds a little bit like Raw Spirit Wild Fire.)

The same bergamot used in 001 Man is utilized at first, but baie rose is added in 001 Woman to give it more personality. After that, this is set above a giant jasmine bubble. Sr. Valeros utilizes jasmine that has been cleaned up and has had the indoles subdued, which need to be turned up if you want to really create a “morning after” vibe. This is a light-colored jasmine. After that, it develops into a delightfully complex blend of amber, vanilla, and sandalwood.

Loewe 001 Woman boasts a modest sillage and an 8–10 hour duration.

  • LENGTH: 8-10 HOURS

Where and When?

put the Versace Eros perfume through its paces before writing our Versace Eros cologne review, and it’s safe to say it didn’t disappoint. Versace Eros is incredibly adaptable and manages to adapt to all seasons and times of day. Men with a packed social calendar who want a fragrance to boost their everyday appearance will appreciate this appealing, contemporary offering.

This fragrance does not work well in a business setting. Versace Eros may hit all the right notes on a lunch date, midday cocktails, or a guy’s night out, but not in the boardroom. The forceful beginning notes are a tad too lively and boisterous for formal wear.

rfume houses out there.

  • SEASONS: Any season, mostly on fall and spring.
  • OCCASIONS: Leisure, Night Out, and Business meetings.
  • ATTIRE: Formal, Business, Date Night, Smart Casual, Special Occasions.
Loewe 001 Woman price


Masque’s L’Attesa is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women and men. This is a brand-new scent. L’Attesa debuted in 2016. Luca Maffei is the nose behind this fragrance. Bergamot, neroli, and champagne are the top notes; iris, orris root, tuberose, and ylang-ylang are the middle notes; sandalwood, oakmoss, and leather are the base notes.

It’s probably one of the greatest fragrances presented by Masque Milano perfume company I have tested recurrently. The Sillage and Projection is more than great regarding its size and price in a way you can not believe it. Having the delicate floral, woody and musk notes in three different phases, which does not weaken the Silage power anyhow, L’attesa stated its name among other competitors by being wearable on any occasion and temporal specificity.

Purchase samples of L’attesa Masque Milano EdP 35ml online for 128.00 €.
Masque Milano is a well-known Eau de Parfum.
001 Woman Loewe highlights

Know 001 Woman:

Price value


Creamy tones of amber and sandalwood
A rich and delicate scent
Niche scent perception
Elegant and distinct aroma
Gorgeous and feminine
Ideal for warm climates or tropical areas
A harmonious combination of citrus, flowery, wood, and amber notes
Enduring presence


For some, the amount of woody tones could be too much
Lacks nuance and growth
For some, sandalwood is overwhelming
Somewhat headache-inducing
Some find the combination of sweetness and sourness unpleasant
For some, too sweet
Bitter tones of citrus
Leans either less feminine or more masculine

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