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Sexxy Shoo Black Stiletto highlights:

Laurelle London’s Sexxy Shoo Black Stiletto is a Floral fragrance for ladies. Mandarin Orange is the top note, Rose is the middle note, while Sandalwood and Pink Pepper are the base notes.

This fragrance by Laurelle London combines the freshness of Mandarin Orange with the delicate scent of Rose, creating a captivating floral aroma. The addition of Sandalwood and Pink Pepper in the base notes adds a touch of warmth and spice, making it an alluring choice for women who want to make a statement.

The Sexxy Shoo collection is brought to you by Laurelle Parfums. The black stiletto has a more intense overall aroma, with a base of sandalwood and pink pepper, and it clearly strikes as more of an evening or event perfume. It has a fresh wind of citrus fruits and seductive florals that will make you want to parade about in high heels just by smelling it.

Sexxy Shoo Black Stiletto reviews:

The exciting debut of a fresh new, exclusive line from Laurelle London today is known as Sexxy-Shoo.
I was immediately drawn in by the exquisite yet trendy bottle design, which resembles the high-fashion shoes that are now in high demand. Sexxy-Shoo, a red shoe design with a shimmering smooth finish and characteristic black base to the shoe, is one of two creative smells in the collection. Sexxy-Shoo, Black Stiletto is the second smell, and it comes in a high-gloss black container with a red base. The distinctive bottle design is unlike anything I’ve seen before, and it strikes the ideal blend of refinement and fun.
With a base of sandalwood and pink pepper, the black stiletto has a more intense overall aroma, and it strikes me as more of an evening or event perfume. It has a fresh air of citrus fruits and seductive florals, which makes me want to prance about in high heels just by smelling it. I can absolutely see myself being impulsive with this enticing, sexy scent urging me on.

Laurelle Sexxy Shoo Black Stiletto review


I appreciate the idea of a shoe-shaped bottle since, for me, a shoe is a vital piece to complete an ensemble while getting ready for a night out. Your perfume is another final touch that is essential to the nighttime makeover. I like the notion of mixing my shoes with my fragrance.
It adds a unique and playful element to my overall style and allows me to express my personality through both fashion and scent. The shoe-shaped bottle serves as a visually appealing accessory on my vanity and sparks conversations and curiosity among friends when they see it.
Generally, the creativity and idea behind this scent is perfect. The fragrance perfectly blends floral and musky notes, creating a captivating scent that perfectly complements my outfit. The shoe-shaped bottle also serves as a reminder to confidently step into the night and embrace the adventures that await.

What Online Magazines Say About Sexxy Shoo Black Stiletto:

Online MagazinesGenderPriceLongevitySillagePopularitySeasonOverall Impression
Fragrantica Women Great Value Moderate Moderate Near Popular Winter, Fall  3.38/ 5
Parfumo – – – – – –
Fragrancex – – – – – –
Osmoz – – – – – –
Best men’s colognes – – – – – – –
Decantx –  – – –  – –
Wikiscents – – – – – – –
WikiParfum – – – – – – –


Top Notes: Orange, Citrus

Middle Notes: Rose and Floral

Base Notes: Sandalwood and Pink Pepper

This sensual scent is perfect for wearing with your favorite pair of shoes! The top note of mandarin evolves into a flowery rose hit, deepening to a sandalwood and pink pepper base.
Combining the floral and woody notes creates a captivating and sophisticated fragrance that adds elegance to any outfit. Its long-lasting formula ensures you’ll enjoy the delightful aroma throughout the day, making it an ideal choice for casual and special occasions. The fragrance creates a captivating aura that effortlessly complements any outfit, adding a touch of sophistication and allure. Its unique blend of notes ensures a long-lasting and memorable scent experience, making it an ideal choice for both casual outings and special occasions.

Laurelle Sexxy Shoo Black Stiletto price


Sexxy Shoo Black Stiletto PERFORMANCE IS MAGNIFICEINT. Regarding the fair price of the shiny and special bottlings, customers can rest assured that they are getting exceptional value for their money. The attention to detail and craftsmanship in in this perfume truly makes it worth every penny.

The sillage of Sexxy Shoo Black Stiletto is absolutely captivating. Its long-lasting scent lingers in the air, leaving a trail of allure wherever you go. The intoxicating blend of notes ensures that you’ll be noticed and remembered, making it a must-have for any confident and sophisticated individual.

Also many reviews online has also supported the longevity is more than great. Customers can find comfort in the numerous online reviews that also attest to the exceptional longevity of Sexxy Shoo Black Stiletto. This further solidifies its reputation as a high-quality perfume that offers excellent value for money.

Where and When?

Sexxy Shoo Black Stiletto is a popular fragrance with physical aesthetics that you can wear in any occasion you may like. Its alluring scent combines notes of jasmine and vanilla, creating a captivating and sensual experience. The sleek black stiletto bottle adds a touch of elegance to your perfume collection, making it a perfect choice for both daytime and evening wear.

So no matter if It’s a really formal meeting with your boss or you have a lovely night with your partner, Sexxy Shoo Black Stiletto will effortlessly enhance your confidence and leave a lasting impression. Its long-lasting formula ensures that you’ll feel irresistible throughout the day or night, making it a versatile fragrance for any occasion.

For its warm notes and perfume accords this scent is better if you use in cold seasons to keep you warm. The rich and captivating scent of Sexxy Shoo Black Stiletto is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Its unique blend of floral and woody notes creates a luxurious and alluring fragrance that is perfect for the colder months. Whether you’re attending a glamorous event or simply want to feel confident and empowered, this perfume will be your go-to choice.

Laurelle Sexxy Shoo Black Stiletto price


Laurelle is a London-based modern fragrance business that specializes in cheap yet high-quality smells for men and women. Their goods are produced in-house by a team that follows current trends to generate cutting-edge smells. Laurelle London is available at Beauty Base at excitingly cheap costs, making it ideal for individuals who get spray-happy with their scents and need to refill their empty bottles on a frequent basis.

To sum up the perfume magazine review on Sexxy Shoo Black Stiletto I must say that after a comprehensive analysis of the bottle, boxing, notes and performance we must stand up clapping this understated EDP.

The perfume magazine review on Sexxy Shoo Black Stiletto praises the fragrance for its understated EDP. The review highlights the comprehensive analysis of the bottle, boxing, notes, and performance, concluding that it deserves a standing ovation. The fragrance captures attention with its cheap yet high-quality scent, which aligns with Laurelle London’s commitment to producing cutting-edge smells. Beauty Base offers this exciting fragrance at affordable prices, catering to individuals who enjoy frequent refills and love to experiment with their scents.

Sexxy Shoo Black Stiletto Laurelle note

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