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Bleu De Chanel highlights:

For guys, Chanel offers a Woody Aromatic scent called Bleu de Chanel Parfum. The perfume Bleu de Chanel was introduced in 2018. Olivier Polge is the nose behind this fragrance. The notes in the middle are Lavender, Pineapple, Geranium, and Green Notes; the notes in the base are Sandalwood, Cedar, Amberwood, Iso E Super, and Tonka Bean. The top notes are Lemon Zest, Bergamot, Mint, and Artemisia.

  • Woody, Fresh, Citrus, Aquatic, Spicy.
  • Fragrant Family: Fresh and cool, Synthetic, Citrus, Spice, Woody, Cedar and

Bleu De Chanel reviews:

Let’s put our pre-judgments aside and discuss channel’s famous latest Sexy, Aromatic and sophisticated aroma.

Before you make an impulsive buy, I’m sure you’re asking, “Does it live up to the hype?” That’s very understandable. This best-selling smell is a well-known and commonly utilized scent that deserves to be studied. So that’s exactly what we did—all of the research.
The top notes of this perfume are exhilarating and fresh, with a burst of zesty sweetness from lemon zest, bergamot, and mint. The middle notes kick in with a blend of fresh and flowery aromas, including lavender, pineapple, and geranium, as it settles into your skin. Finally, the base notes remain, with a woody and manly perfume that combines cedar, sandalwood, amber, and tonka bean.

Bleu de Chanel is sleek and sophisticated, but the lingering green undertones keep it fresh and lively. It’s the perfect smell for the modern man who wants to convey confidence and class. Whether you’re getting ready for a formal function or a night out with the lads, Bleu de Chanel will have you smelling like a million bucks.

Bleu De Chanel is known for three words: Sensual, Classical, and Confident.

Chanel Bleu De Chanel review


Being among the classic fragrances for men and receiving this much approving applause from the senses, I decided to give the new edition a chance and buy it for myself. I never regret spending money on new scents.
The bottle of Bleu de Chanel is simple, elegant, and discreet. On the front, there is only a sans-serif font with the Chanel logo situated at the top of the stopper. The cap doesn’t need to be clicked into place because a magnet attaches it.
At first glance, the bottle appears black. But when you shine light through it, you can see specks of purple and dark blue. The effect accurately captures the mood of the smell. The bottle and the packaging look a lot alike. It has the same typeface and is nearly the same color.
Regarding the atomizer, it functions admirably. It disperses widely, creates a lovely, thin mist, and settles softly upon the skin. It’s actually essential to note that you feel like you’re applying very little because it’s so soft, which makes it even easier to overspray.
It isn’t easy to discuss Bleu de Chanel’s value for money equitably. It is known to be rather pricey.
Is there a price tag for Blue de Chanel? Compared to specialty scents from companies like Creed or even Floris, it is significantly less expensive. It is still more expensive than the majority of other designer scents, though. But given its excellence and adaptability, you may think that it is worth your money. It is a worthwhile investment for those who value quality and longevity in their fragrances.

What Online Magazines Say About Bleu De Chanel:


Online MagazinesGenderPriceLongevitySillagePopularitySeasonOverall Impression
Fragrantica Men Moderate High Longlasting Good  Popular Every Season4.41/ 5
Parfumo Male Fairly High Fairly Longlasting Strong Popular Every Season 7.6 /10
Fragrancex Men 169.99 $ for 3.4 OZ  Eight Hours Medium – – –
Osmoz Man – – – Popular – 4/ 5
Best men’s colognes Men – Good Strong Popular Spring/ Autumn –
Decantx – – – – – – –
Wikiscents Men – Strong Moderate Strong Popular Every Season 40
WikiParfum  Masculine Fairly High – – – – –



Top notes include lemon zest, bergamot, grapefruit, pink pepper, aldehydes, coriander, and mint.
lavender, pineapple, melon, jasmine, ginger, and geranium in the middle.
Cedar, sandalwood, amber, incense, labdanum, and Tonka bean form the base.

Fresh and energizing, the top notes of this parfum feature a zesty burst of goodness from ingredients like lemon zest, bergamot, and mint. The middle notes, which include a blend of fresh and floral scents like lavender, pineapple, and geranium, begin as it settles into your skin. Lastly, a woodsy, masculine aroma reminiscent of a blend of cedar, sandalwood, amber, and tonka bean lingers in the base notes.

The lingering green notes give Bleu de Chanel an overall feeling of sophistication and suaveness, but it also exudes a youthful, lively vibe. It’s the ideal scent for the contemporary man who wishes to project confidence and style. Bleu de Chanel will make you smell amazing, even if your bank account doesn’t quite match, whether you’re dressing up for a night out with the guys or going to a formal event.


Sophisticated, seductive, and powerful.

Chanel Bleu De Chanel price


Ah, the perennial query. How much time will my cologne last in real life? Without providing an answer to that query, this review of Bleu de Chanel men would not be complete.
Bleu de Chanel has a strong sillage, which is fancy language for how much the scent lingers in the air, so you won’t need to use a lot of sprays. It should work with just a few spritzes on your wrists, neck, and throat. Additionally, after application, it should last up to 6–8 hours, which is ideal if you want to wear it to a long event.
You can anticipate having a fantastic scent all day long because this fragrance has a lot of sillage and longevity. If you’re going to the office or out for a night on the town, bleu de Chanel is adaptable enough to be worn in a range of situations. That said, you might want to avoid wearing it to the gym or while running errands because of its strong sillage and save it for after work or more formal occasions.

  • LENGTH: 8-10 HOURS

Where and When?

Because Bleu de Chanel is so adaptable, it’s a fantastic choice for both day and nighttime wear in any season. Ideal for people who adore a signature fragrance. Remember that Bleu de Chanel has a powerful sillage, so it’s best to use it sparingly in scenarios where you’ll be in close quarters with other people.

As I previously mentioned, this fragrance is adaptable to various times of the day. It works well for wearing during the day as well as at night and in the evening. It might, however, work best as an evening scent.

Men can wear the fragrance Bleu de Chanel in a number of situations, such as:

Formal occasions: A black tie can pair nicely with the formal scent of Bleu de Chanel.

Office: The more decadent aroma of the woods and incense is appropriate for a formal office setting.

Casual settings: An evening out or Christmas shopping can also be done in Bleu de Chanel.

  • SEASONS: Any season, mostly on fall and spring.
  • OCCASIONS: Leisure, Night Out, Evenings, Daily Activities, and Business meetings.
  • ATTIRE: Formal, Business, Date Night, Smart Casual, Special Occasions.
Chanel Bleu De Chanel price


Masque’s L’Attesa is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women and men. This is a brand-new scent. L’Attesa debuted in 2016. Luca Maffei is the nose behind this fragrance. Bergamot, neroli, and champagne are the top notes; iris, orris root, tuberose, and ylang-ylang are the middle notes; sandalwood, oakmoss, and leather are the base notes.

It’s probably one of the greatest fragrances presented by Masque Milano perfume company I have tested recurrently. The Sillage and Projection is more than great regarding its size and price in a way you can not believe it. Having the delicate floral, woody and musk notes in three different phases, which does not weaken the Silage power anyhow, L’attesa stated its name among other competitors by being wearable on any occasion and temporal specificity.

Purchase samples of L’attesa Masque Milano EdP 35ml online for 128.00 €.
Masque Milano is a well-known Eau de Parfum.
Bleu De Chanel Chanel note

Know Bleu De Chanel:

Price value


Superior scent
Incredible scent
Beautiful smell
Top of the list
Crazy scientist chuckle, so adorable
Beastmode durability and sanitation
Will render the remaining collection obsolete


To others, it might seem pricey.
less apparent projection because of the lower alcohol concentration
Short lifespan and sillage
A lacklustre performance
If you already own an EDP version, redundant
Perhaps not as effective in hot weather
May make some patients feel queasy

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