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Rouge Smoking highlights:

Rouge Smoking EDP. by BDK Parfums is an Amber scent for men and women. Rouge Smoking was introduced in 2018. Amelie Bourgeois is responsible for this fragrance. The top notes are cherry, pink pepper, and bergamot; the middle notes are black vanilla husk, heliotrope, and orange blossom; and the base notes are Tonka Bean, Cashmere Wood, White Musk, Ambroxan, Labdanum, and violet.

Rouge Smoking is a captivating fragrance that combines the sweetness of cherry and bergamot with the spiciness of pink pepper. Its heart notes of black vanilla husk and heliotrope add a touch of warmth and sensuality, while the base notes of Tonka Bean and Cashmere Wood create a lingering, comforting aroma. This unisex scent is perfect for those who appreciate a sophisticated blend that effortlessly transitions from day to night.

Rouge Smoking reviews:

In 2018, perfumer Amelie Bourgeois produced Rouge Smoking, a fruity, Amber, powdery aroma.
This smell is sweet yet elegant, merging nostalgic scents of childhood with modern world sophistication. This fragrance has a whimsical character that works well in business settings and a flirty side that is ideal for enjoyable evenings out with friends or a date. It is often compared to candies and sodas, but it is also comparable to Benevolence by House of Sillage and Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille. Try this sample and tell us what you think!

Rouge Smoking was inspired by Paris’ Quartier Pigalle, which is famed for its Red Light District and colorful nightlife. It is both sweet and energetic, with elements of mystery and innocence.

We said Rouge Smoking captures the essence of Paris’ Quartier Pigalle, known for its vibrant Red Light District and lively nightlife. This fragrance combines sweetness and energy, creating a captivating blend that exudes both mystery and innocence. Its unique character makes it suitable for various occasions, from professional settings to fun evenings out with friends or a romantic date. Some have likened it to popular candies and sodas, while others have drawn comparisons to the luxurious scents of Benevolence by House of Sillage and Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille. Give this sample a try and share your thoughts on this whimsical yet sophisticated fragrance!

Rouge Smoking BDK Parfums note


I decided to get a box for myself to learn about this trendy perfume.

The bottle design for BDK Parfums’ Smoking Rouge, a highly traditional scent, is also obviously inspired by traditional elements. The bottle from Gris Charnel, which is made entirely of glass, impresses with its stark minimalism and an immediate nod to vintage Art Deco. The bottle’s minimalist design also draws attention to the hue of the scent, which is dormant inside and waiting to reveal its aromatic subtleties to us. To more than do credit to the premium aesthetic underlying Gris Charnel, the Eau de Parfum has a beautifully red-color liquid.

The only thing that distinguaishes it is the front’s white label, which features the name of the Gris Charnel scent in bold, eye-catching black characters. The black cap, which sits on the bottle like the Gris Charnel perfume and whose rounded shape immediately invokes the domes that also adorn the Paris Palace, completes the contemporary design of the Smoking Rouge.

The Red hue of the Eau de Parfum not only adds to its premium aesthetic but also creates a sense of heat and seduction. The black cap, reminiscent of the iconic domes of the Paris Palace, further enhances the contemporary design, making Smoking Rouge a truly captivating fragrance.

What Online Magazines Say About Rouge Smoking:

Online MagazinesGenderPriceLongevitySillagePopularitySeasonOverall Impression
FragranticaWomen and MenOverpricedLonglasting ModeratePopularWinter/ Fall  4.07 / 5
ParfumoWomenGoodLonglasting ModeratePopularWinter/Spring/ Fall 8.0/ 10
FragrancexWomen190.31 $ for 3.4 Oz.“six hours”Fall and winter
Best men’s colognes –
DecantxUnisex9.79$ – –Winter, Fall –
Wikiscents – – –
WikiParfum – Pricey – – – – –


Top Notes: Bergamot from Italy, cherry accord, and pink berries.
Heart Notes: Black Vanilla, Heliotrope.
Base Notes: Ambroxan, Cashmeran, Tonka Bean, Labdanum, and White Musk.

The combination of Bergamot from Italy, cherry accord, and pink berries creates a refreshing and fruity top note that instantly captivates the senses. Moving into the heart notes, the fragrance takes on a seductive twist with the addition of Black Vanilla and Heliotrope, adding depth and warmth to the composition. Finally, the base notes of Ambroxan, Cashmeran, Tonka Bean, Labdanum, and White Musk provide a sensual and long-lasting finish that leaves a lasting impression.

The opening of Smoking Rouge starts with a burst of smoky and spicy notes, including black pepper and saffron. This creates a captivating and mysterious aura that immediately draws you in. As the fragrance develops, the heart notes of rose and jasmine add a touch of elegance and femininity, balancing out the intensity of the opening. The base notes of amber, patchouli, and leather bring a sensual and seductive quality to the scent, leaving a lasting impression that lingers on the skin. Overall, Smoking Rouge is a bold and alluring fragrance that exudes confidence and sophistication.

After its long-lasting projections, the dry-down begins with a subtle hint of vanilla, adding a creamy and comforting touch to the scent. This unexpected twist adds depth and complexity, making Smoking Rouge an unforgettable fragrance experience.

Rouge Smoking BDK Parfums


Smoking Rouge is a fragrance that initially seems unimpressive and unappealing for the first two hours. However, as the third hour progresses, it grows on the wearer, with soft vanilla wisps andsweet sense appearing and then disappearing. The alcohol accord in the bouquet begins to weaken in the third hour, and the soft, sweet aura and spices reappear before fading away. The scent’s development depends on the amount of smell used. The Tonka accord becomes a layer within the bouquet if there is less smell.
The Cherry Accord always becomes an impressionistic blur on the wearer’s skin by the end of the fourth hour. The Vanilla may return simultaneously as a strong, prominent note that shares and occasionally dominates the center stage. The notes in Smoking Rouge become more abstract and hazy as the seventh hour progresses and more concentrated on santal-like woody and ambery scents.
The sillage and longevity of Gris Charnel depend on the amount of scent used. After a small application, the scent becomes softer at the beginning of the third hour. It lingers on the skin for around 8.5 hours in total. Overall, the Smoking Rouge lasts for 11.75 hours before becoming a skin fragrance.

  • LENGTH: 12-14 HOURS

Where and When?

The projection on this one is modest, but the longevity is 8 hours. At the five-hour point, it begins to smell like skin. The perfume is pretty straight and doesn’t vary much. I would wear this to formal gatherings or as nightwear. I would not wear this to work (primarily because I have other fragrances for that). But then again, you can wear whatever you want. Rouge received an 8/10 rating.

Overall, Rouge is a reliable and long-lasting fragrance that is suitable for special occasions. Its moderate projection ensures that it won’t overpower others in formal settings. However, if you prefer more dynamic scents with varying notes, you might find Rouge to be a bit monotonous. Nonetheless, personal preferences vary; ultimately, deciding what fragrance to wear is entirely up to you.

Rouge Smoking BDK Parfums


In 2018, perfumer Amelie Bourgeois created Rouge Smoking, a fruity, amber, powdery fragrance inspired by Paris’ Quartier Pigalle. This scent combines sweetness and energy, exuding mystery and innocence. It is often compared to candies and sodas, Benevolence by House of Sillage, and Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille. The bottle design is minimalist and features a black cap, reminiscent of the iconic domes of the Paris Palace. The fragrance features Bergamot from Italy, cherry accord, pink berries, Black Vanilla, Heliotrope, Ambroxan, Cashmeran, Tonka Bean, Labdanum, and White Musk. The scent opens with smoky and spicy notes, followed by heart notes of rose and jasmine. The base notes include amber, patchouli, and leather. The smell lasts for 11.75 hours before becoming a skin fragrance. Its projection is modest but has an 8/10 rating. Overall, Rouge is a reliable and long-lasting fragrance suitable for special occasions.

BDK Parfums Rouge Smoking review

Know Rouge Smoking:

Price value


Sweet, powdery cherry vanilla aroma
A nice balance of tonka smokey notes and vanilla
Sophisticated and mature smell
Darker, deeper, and sexier than lost cherry
Unisex and versatile fragrance
Good longevity and projections
More approachable pricing point
Effervescent and delicious cola vibe


Not comparable to Love by Kilian or Benevolence by HoS, as claimed by several critics
It smells like root beer or baby powder to some
Despite the name, there wasn't much of a cherry note
Weak longevity and projection
There is no dimension and it only lasts one hour for some
Strong cherry cough syrup opening for some
A mediocre fragrance with nothing unique or striking
lacks originality and interesting foundation notes

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